There are a number of players who are away on international duty with their respective national teams, however, others such as Wilson are enjoying the brief break in Dubai, where they are taking part in warm-weather training.


Stressing the importance of breaks such as those, Wilson insisted it makes a big difference in allowing players to reset and go again until the end of the season.



“It makes a big difference”, Wilson said on the Footballers’ Football Podcast.


The break also helps players recover from dips in form, allowing them that much-needed boost both physically and mentally, Wilson feels.



“You give so much in the season and there comes a point where sometimes you have a bit of a dip, mentally and physically.


“You probably need a bit of a boost to get you through to the end of the season.


“It is a long season, especially when there’s a World Cup in there as well.”



Giving an insight into their training in Dubai, Wilson insisted: “A little week like that is perfect; training, sun, a bit of relaxation, a chance to switch off from football for a few days.


“And then you feel like you’re ready to go again.”


Wilson’s Newcastle take on Manchester United when Premier League action resumes this weekend. 


He will be hoping to reap the rewards of the Middle East sun and get amongst the goals.