Sunderland are flying high in the Championship this season and Mowbray’s side are fourth in the table with 19 points from ten games.


On Wednesday, they managed to beat Watford 2-0 to continue their winning momentum and next, they are set to take on Middlesbrough.




Collins stated that Sunderland are looking like a team who deserve to be at the top end of the table and thinks that the Black Cats players are full of confidence right now.


He pointed out that Mowbray side’s ability to slow the game down and centre-back duo Luke O’Nien and Dan Ballard’s ability to deliver the ball to the attacking players are making opposition sides fearful of pressing them.



“Looking at us, we look like a team who are where we are in the league; at the top end of the table, lads are full of confidence”, Collins said on Sunderland’s media.


“I am not saying arrogance at times but the way we just slow the game down and teams are almost fearful now coming to press us.



“When you see Dan Ballard and Luke O’Nien on the ball, they are worried that we are going to pop it through them and get it out to Jack, Patrick, or Ba on the touchline.”


Sunderland will be determined to snatch three points from Michael Carrick’s Middlesbrough on Saturday to keep their winning momentum going.