Norwich have decided to part ways with Stuart Webber and they have announced that Arsenal loan manager Knapper will take over as Canaries sporting director at the end of November.


The Canaries on-field performances have raised doubts about Wagner’s future and former players and part of the Norwich fanbase is in favour of his removal.




Sutton believes that Norwich are stuck in a tricky situation as they are going through a transition phase, which has left them unable to make an immediate decision about Wagner’s future.


The former Canaries star suggested that Norwich need to sort out contractual situations to rush in the appointment of Knapper so that he can make the decision on whether the club should stick with the current manager or sack him.



“The other issue for Norwich to solve is the one around the sporting director – with them being stuck in this period between Stuart Webber and Ben Knapper, with a handover period set to take place once he arrives at the end of November”, Sutton wrote in his Pinkun column.


“Given the situation they find themselves in right now, the most sensible thing would be to hurry this appointment long.



“If there is a contractual issue, get it sorted and get Knapper in as soon as possible so he is around the table to help make decisions.”


“They cannot afford to wait for four games and hope it will all go away – Knapper needs to make the decision now – is he going to back Wagner or sack him?


“Silence will only make this issue worse.”


Norwich have only won one game out of their last eight and all eyes will be on the club to see whether they will rush in Knapper’s appointment.