Warne worked under several managers at Rotherham United, including Evans, and later took charge of the team and guided them to the Championship.


Impressed with his work at Rotherham, Derby County appointed Warne last season to take them back to the Championship.




Evans revealed that Warne used to tell him frequently that he did not want to become a manager, but stressed that he always believed that the Derby boss would become a good manager.


The veteran tactician thinks that Warne has learned a lot from him and pointed out that the former Rotherham boss has put hard-working staff around him.



“He sat in my office every day, three or four times a day and said ‘ I never want to be a manager’”, Evans told Stevenage’s media.


“I think for the first year in the job, he did not want to be a manager and I think he has taken it to be fair like a duck to water.



“I think he is completely different in approaches from myself at different times.


“He has put staff around him that are endearing to him, who work hard and all stuff and the principles I stand for.


“I think Paul would be the first to say that the three, four or five managers that he played for really evolved him and I think four years with myself gave him a big input on how to do things and he does it meticulously.


“I knew he would be a manager and I knew if he got the chance I knew he would be a good one.”


Derby County are set to take on Stevenage on Saturday and it remains to be seen whether Warne will be able to triumph over Evans.