The Bluebirds are currently ninth in the league table and they will face fourth-positioned Saints on Saturday.


Robinson admitted that he is aware of Russell Martin’s style of play and he feels that Saints have a lot of good quality players in their squad.




However, the Bluebirds striker stressed that Cardiff should not fear Martin’s side even though he knows that the match is not going to be easy.


Robinson issued a warning before the Southampton match that his side could go to Saints home ground and get a result from there.



“It is going to be a hard game, I think”, Robinson told Cardiff City’s media about their game against Saints.


“Russell Martin, when he was at Swansea, lot of passes, short passes, they have good rotation.



“And it is going to be a tough game.


“When I am saying that I am not feared by them, as in I believe that we can go there and get a result, it’s not like we can’t get a result there, we can.


“We know it’s going to be tough; they play as I said a lot of rotations.


“They have got some quality they have got firepower now.


“He’s got a good squad there.


“I think last night I had a look, Che Adams is on the bench and obviously they have got [Adam] Armstrong so they’ve got firepower as well as good footballers.


“So, it’s not going to be easy whatsoever but I feel where we are we shouldn’t fear that.”


Now it remains to be seen if Robinson and his side will be able to earn all three points at Southampton’s home this Saturday.