Still new to the Sheffield Wednesday scene, Rohl is working on getting his backroom set and the appointment of Beadell is part of that.


The 47-year-old arrives with a good CV, having worked as a scout for clubs such as Arsenal and Manchester United.




Rohl revealed that while choosing Beadell, the Owls took into consideration the 47-year-old’s knowledge of the market and the Championship.


The requirement, the 34-year-old manager insists, was to have someone who could start working in the market immediately.



“It was a big topic before we chose Kevin, to find someone who knows the market immediately”, Rohl told his club’s official website.


“He has a good connection to clubs, agents and players. He knows the market and the Championship very well.”



With the January transfer window just around the corner, the Sheffield Wednesday manager insists that the need will be to work together to find the right players for the future.


“It’s a good step forward to have a new guy in this key position and we have to work together to find the right players for the future.


“It’s about building something for the future and it’s important that we have a guy who understands our philosophy and we find players able to do my style of football and then we can create an identity at the club.


“It’s time to work together to build something special.”


Sheffield Wednesday are looking for an immediate turnaround, finding themselves bottom of the table, ten points off safety.