Ward-Prowse scored the winner for West Ham in their 2-1 away victory over Tottenham on Thursday night.


Spurs absolutely dominated West Ham in the first half but the Hammers dug in, absorbed the pressure and hit back in the second half with two goals.




Brown admitted that Ward-Prowse was struggling to get near anyone in the Spurs midfielder initially as the home side always seemed to have one extra man to pass to.


However, he stressed that the West Ham star used his experience and concentration levels to stay in the game and waited for his chance to press and get that chance, which eventually won the game for the away side.



The former Spurs star said on BBC Radio 5 Live: “He is just a team player.


“I watched him in the middle of the pitch when he couldn’t get near any player because they were overloading, they had an extra one in there and the front three of Spurs went and took the fort.



“Do you know what he did?


“He just went back into his slot, waited for the chances, waited to go and press and that’s a difficult thing.


“The concentration levels are so key – just wait, don’t leave it, get your team-mate next to you and that’s what he did as he understands it and has done it before for so long.


“All of a sudden he comes back into the game, he backs his quality, he backs his timing and that understanding he has got.”


West Ham have another away trip on Sunday when they take on Fulham at Craven Cottage.