Wolves remain in talks over visiting South Korea for a pre-season trip next summer, with discussions ongoing, according to Korean journalist Sungmo Lee.


The Black Country club are looking to broaden their fanbase moving forward and are considering several avenues.


The Premier League is the most popular European league in Asia and some of the biggest clubs have large fanbases on the continent.




Wolves are looking to tap into that market and there have been suggestions that they could be visiting South Korea in the summer.


It has been claimed that talks are still ongoing for Wolves’ potential visit to the Asian country for a pre-season tour.



The club are yet to finalise their plans and visiting South Korea is still very much an option for them.


Nothing is confirmed but Wolves are keen to use Hee-Chan Hwang’s presence in their team to make the club more popular in South Korea.



It remains to be seen whether the talks lead to Wolves actually setting foot in South Korea in the summer.