Former West Ham United coach Mark Warburton has insisted that David Moyes has every right to be angry about the constant noise around his future and feels he deserves to walk away from the Hammers of his own accord.


Moyes will be out of contract at the end of the season and there are suggestions West Ham have paused new deal talks.


A run of three defeats on the trot in the Premier League has amped up the pressure on the West Ham manager and there are now question marks over his future at the club.




A section of the West Ham fans believe the club need a change and should hire a manager who will be willing to play more progressive football.


However, Warburton feels given what Moyes has done for West Ham, he should be really angry about the constant questions about his future.



He is hopeful that the Scot walks away from West Ham of his own accord rather than being dismissed.


Warburton said on the No Tippy Tappy Football podcast: “I think he is angry and I think he deserves to be angry because of the track record he has got and what he has given the club.



“He has to deal with the media where he is being questioned every week and he should be angry.


“If David leaves, I hope it’s very much his decision and walk away and do whatever he wants to do.”


West Ham are still in the Europa League and are very much in the race to finish in the European spots again this season.