Southampton boss Russell Martin insists he and his team will always be under pressure as a Saints outfit heading to face Leeds United at Elland Road.


Saints are certain to take part in the playoffs in the Championship this season and are due to round off the regular season by visiting Leeds.


Leeds need to beat Southampton and then hope for a favour from Huddersfield Town at Ipswich Town if they are to get an automatic promotion spot.



Beyond that, Leeds and Southampton could face each other in the final of the playoffs, meaning there may be a psychological boost also on the line at Elland Road.


Martin admits there is pressure on the game, but feels it is natural for a Southampton boss taking his team to Leeds.



“You can’t be a Southampton manager and not go to Leeds under pressure.


“It’s a privilege the pressure we are under”, Martin told a press conference.


“The players will put pressure on themselves to implement the training and there will be pressure from a huge crowd.”



Southampton beat Leeds 3-1 in the earlier fixture between the two teams, but making sure key men avoid injury on the brink of the playoffs could well be a major concern for Martin at Elland Road.


Leeds did record a 1-0 victory the last time the two met at Elland Road, in the Premier League.