Newcastle United are willing to agree a ‘suitable compromise’ compensation figure with Manchester United for Dan Ashworth, with the clubs likely to meet before the matter goes to arbitration, according to the Daily Telegraph.


The two clubs are currently involved in a fierce dispute over Ashworth, who has been placed on gardening leave by Newcastle since informing the club of his wish to join Manchester United.


Manchester United are claimed to have offered Newcastle under £3m to get Ashworth before his gardening leave ends, but Newcastle want £20m.



The matter is set to go to arbitration, with Ashworth tipped to argue he was effectively sacked and not placed on gardening leave, while Newcastle have uncovered an email suggesting he was in talks with Manchester United without informing the Magpies, which could be an illegal approach.


Arbitration can be avoided however if the two clubs can work out an agreement and they are expected to hold talks.



It is suggested that Newcastle are prepared to compromise on the £20m figure.


The Magpies have not though yet been offered a sum that they believe is suitable and will only compromise if it is forthcoming.



The ball could be in Manchester United’s court to up their under £3m proposal and quickly put the matter to bed.