Dundee United striker Tony Watt thinks that Wayne Rooney has just settled the debate between who is the better between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.


The two did battle in Spain’s La Liga for several years and regularly came up against each other in the race for the Ballon d’Or.


Players past and present were split on whether Ronaldo or Messi was the better player.



Rooney has said that Messi is the best ever player and Watt thinks that his words have extra weight given the fact he played with Ronaldo at Manchester United.


The top flight striker feels Rooney could have just settled the debate.



“Rooney saying the best ever is Messi when he played with Ronaldo surely settles the debate?” Watt wrote on X.


Ronaldo, 39, is currently plying his trade in Saudi Arabia’s Pro League and shows no sign of slowing down, scoring 35 goals in 31 league outings.



Messi, 36, has so far struck ten times in ten MLS games for Inter Miami, along with providing nine assists.