Vincent Kompany has signalled to the Bayern Munich hierarchy that he wants to hold on to Sunderland managerial target Rene Maric.


Sunderland’s managerial search has dragged on for months and they are yet to settle on the identity of the man they want, despite the season ending.


Several targets have been mentioned and Maric is one of the young coaches the club are interested in taking to the Stadium of Light.



Sunderland may be hoping to give the young coach his first job in management but Bayern Munich are keen to keep him around.


According to German outlet FCBinside, new Bayern Munich manager Kompany wants the 31-year-old to be alongside him next season.



Maric’s appointment to Kompany’s staff has not been officially confirmed but he is almost certain to be standing beside the Belgian next season if he stays.


He has been a big part of the new Bayern Munich boss’ plans and preparation ahead of pre-season.



Kompany has signalled to the club that he wants to keep Maric.


Maric is expected to be taking training alongside Kompany when pre-season begins on 15th July.


The Belgian has made it clear to the club hierarchy that he does not want to lose the Austrian despite interest from Sunderland.