Porro’s pursuit by Tottenham has dragged on this month and Spurs have been left fuming at Sporting Lisbon over the delay.


Spurs have agreed to pay the release clause of the right-back, which amounts to €45m, but Sporting Lisbon have still not been convinced.



Sporting Lisbon have reached the final of the Portuguese League Cup, where they face current league champions FC Porto, and it will be held this weekend.


The Lisbon club are demanding Porro be allowed to play in the match and Tottenham have accepted, according to Brazilian outlet UOL.



Tottenham will be hoping that after satisfying the demand of Sporting Lisbon, the Portuguese club will now allow them to acquire the right-back.


The north London club have also drawn out the plan of how to pay the release clause, over a period of two-and-a-half years in either three or four instalments.



Had they met the release clause with one single payment, Sporting Lisbon would have been powerless to make any demands.


With Tottenham’s nod to Sporting Lisbon’s demand, it appears Porro’s signing will be confirmed only next week if it does indeed happen.