Tuesday, 29th April, 2014

England manager Roy Hodgson believes that European teams are getting "more stronger and adept" at playing in conditions outside their home continent.

At the same time, the 66-year-old also feels that with more and more South American players migrating to Europe, they have managed to develop a certain "European-ness".

With this year's World Cup scheduled to be played in Brazil, there has been much debate about how the European teams will cope with the tricky conditions.

However, the man who will be part of the tournament as the manager of the Three Lions, believes that his team along with their European counterparts will have an equal chance.


"I think European teams are getting stronger and more adept at playing in different conditions", Hodgson told FIFA's official site.

Plenty of players from Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay are coming to Europe to let the footballing culture of the two continents blend with each other, Hodgson feels.

"South American teams are exporting all their players to Europe, so there’s a certain European-ness about even the South American teams these days."

"The Brazil team will probably have very few players in it that are actually playing in Brazil.

"The Uruguayans and the Argentinians probably don’t have many that are playing there", the former Fulham boss added.

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