Former Leeds United managing director David Haigh has claimed that the club's minority shareholders, GFH, are holding up majority owner Massimo Cellino's purchase of Elland Road.

Haigh, who has recently returned to the UK after being kept in prison in Dubai for 23 months, being accused of fraud by GFH, a Dubai-based group, wants to see the Middle Eastern investors pushed out of Leeds.

The former Whites MD, who claims he was tortured and told to confess in Dubai, claims Cellino wants to buy Elland Road, but GFH are not putting up their share of the money to do so.

Haigh wants Leeds fans to tell GFH they are no longer wanted at Elland Road and force them out of the club.

Asked by the BBC's Newsnight programme whether he feels GFH are suitable minority shareholders in Leeds, Haigh replied: "Absolutely not.


"One of the things that has to be done for the benefit of Leeds is that GFH need to leave", he added.

Haigh says he has spoken to Cellino and knows that GFH are a roadblock to the club moving forward, citing the potential purchase of Elland Road as an example.

"I know they are hampering the advancement of the club. From having spoken to Massimo, I know Massimo wants to buy the stadium for instance, but GFH obviously own 25 per cent and they are not putting the money up for that.

"I think they should be made very aware that they are not welcome", the ex-MD explained.

"I think the Leeds fans do a very good job of that. They are not wanted. It's time to go."