Young Rangers defender Danny Wilson believes that the new players coming into the team will help him develop, guiding him with all their experience.

Manager Mark Warburton has spoken about the need to bring in two more players in defence and in attack in order to be ready for the gruelling domestic season, while he has already made signings.

The addition of players means that the young defender will find it more of a battle to make the starting eleven this term.

The 24-year-old though is not worried about the prospect as he insists that he will be willing to do anything and everything to help the team, even if that means sitting on the bench.

The former Liverpool man is also willing to learn from all the players who are coming in, whether they are young or old.  


“The new players coming in just adds competition so it is something that I need to be prepared for and I am sure I will be", Wilson said at a pre-match press conference.

“I’ve not spoken to the manager about it, if he wants to bring players in then that is his decision and it can only be good for the squad, the squad is going to be needed throughout the whole season.

“I need to be ready when I am called upon and hopefully that will be more often than not.

“You try and learn from every player, whether they be young or old, in your position or in a different position, you try and take something from every player you can.

“If there are more to come in then I will try and learn from them as I am trying to do with the ones who are already here.

“I don’t think I’d be doing my job if I wasn’t learning from the experienced players who are coming in."

Wilson has made four appearances for the Gers so far this season, three of which came in the Scottish League Cup.