Leeds United boss Garry Monk has revealed that he has been honest with his players in telling them where they stand and will give those unlikely to be involved the chance to find new clubs.

Monk, who took over from Steve Evans at the end of last season, has brought in a number of new players in order to strengthen the squad.

As a result, Monk has sidelined some players, including the likes of midfielder Toumani Diagouraga and Luke Murphy, as he favours the new arrivals.

The manager on his part insists that he has never given false assurances to any of his players and has made the overall situation clear to everyone individually.

With the arrival of a new manager, Monk insists that there are bound to be changes in the overall scenario and his players will have to accept that and try to move on when the right opportunity comes.  


Asked about whether players will leave before the transfer window closes, Monk told LUTV: "Look, that's a normal process. A new manager comes in, a new process, way of working, you have to make assessments on the players.

"Of course, there are ones you know are going to grow and be part of the season.

"There are other ones who will not play the games that they are going to need and you have to give them the best opportunity to find a place that they can go and get those games that they want to play.

"That's how players think.

"But I'm very open and honest with all the guys, I have conversations with all of them and everyone knows exactly where they stand."