Leeds United legend Eddie Gray admits that he is happy that the emergency loan system has been abolished and believes most teams should have their squads sorted out before the start of the new season.

In previous seasons, clubs had the opportunity to bring in players outside of the transfer windows on short-term loan deals, mostly to cover for injuries, but lower league sides started using the system to strengthen squads in the middle of the campaigns.

The emergency loan system has been abolished by the authorities and managers are now under pressure to get all their transfer business done before the end of the summer window.

And Gray is happy that the loophole has been plugged as he felt the whole system was of no use as players were only joining on a temporary basis.

He told LUTV: “I don’t think there should be emergency loans.  


“The transfer window is the transfer window, and once that’s off, that should be it, and I think that’s good.

“What is an emergency loan? It’s just a loan.”

Gray is also of the opinion that transfer windows should be closed before the start of the season to force clubs to make sure that they have their squads ready by then.

However, he admits the situation for many clubs is difficult because of many managerial changes.

When asked whether the window should be closed before the season starts, the Leeds legend said: “I think so; I think everybody should have their house in order [by then].

“I know it’s not easy, with so many managerial changes going around in the game, people get different ideas.

“But these things go on and on.”