Former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson believes that there is absolutely no reason why Italian champions Juventus cannot win the Champions League.

Europe's biggest tournament has been dominated by La Liga sides in recent times, with two different Spanish teams winning it over the course of the last three seasons and one from the same league ending up as the runners-up on two of those occasions.

The veteran Scottish manager believes that Barcelona and Real Madrid have got something that the other teams across Europe haven't at present.

However, that doesn't necessarily mean that the other teams cannot compete and Italian giants Juventus, who were the runners-up in 2015, have a high chance of achieving that, Ferguson believes.

Praising their manager and their stadium, Ferguson said that Juventus like Bayern Munich have got what it takes to be the champions of Europe sooner rather than later.  


"Football is a matter of cycles, and at this time Barcelona and Real Madrid have something more than the others", Ferguson was quoted as saying by Gazzetta dello Sport.

"But I think that Juventus, like Bayern Munich, can be one of those teams capable of winning anything, even the Champions League.

"A strong point [for Juventus] is Massimiliano Allegri, he is a great coach, another is the stadium, it is very beautiful and that is a rarity in Italy."