The Gers defeated the Hoops by a goal early in the season, but the game in February saw the Bhoys run riot by scoring three goals in the first half and getting the win.


Now the two fierce rivals meet again with the title race at stake and the Hoops will be looking for a repeat of their performance in February, but this time at Ibrox.



Wilson is adamant that there is no way the 3-0 win does not impact players from both teams going into the weekend game as the Hoops won in such dominant fashion.


“It’s got to be”, Wilson said on The Celtic Exchange when asked if the 3-0 will affect the players.



“It’s so recent that it’s hard to forget that so quickly because of the nature of the performance from both sides it’s even harder to forget.


“Because Celtic were that good, they just looked that powerful, and dynamic and quick and had that killer instinct as well.



“And Rangers were the complete opposite, even the second half the game was done, but Celtic clearly eased off in every department, eased off in the pressing, in the tempo and moving the ball, it was quite clear for everybody to see.”


The ex-Celtic star was impressed with how the Hoops began the game earlier in the year and thinks it is important they do it again at the weekend.


“The start of the game that night was incredible, when you see how Celtic pressed and hurried and harried the Rangers backline and Rangers looked shell-shocked”, Wilson added.


“It’s important that Celtic start the same way Sunday.”


While the Hoops will be looking for a repeat, the Gers will come into the game hoping to extract revenge as well as peg back their derby rivals in the title race.