Mourinho has been vocal about his players not getting proper breaks amid a hectic and packed season.


Ahead of the last international break, he indicated that he would love to see Harry Kane get a breather from playing for England and he is singing for the same hymn-sheet this time around as well.



His players could be involved in as many as three games during the international break with one or two of them being friendlies.


Mourinho admitted that with the UEFA Nations League in play, he expected fewer friendlies and insisted that he has no problems with international teams using his big players in competitive games.



But Mourinho admits that he would love to see them enjoy a break from the friendlies next week.


Mourinho said in a press conference: “I thought with the Nations League there would be no more friendlies, but there is which I don’t understand.



“With competitive matches, I would never complain about managers wanting to use their best players.


“With friendlies coming after players are playing on Sunday it’s different.


“If you ask me if I would expect my players to be rested for the friendlies I’d say I wouldn’t expect, but I would love it.”


Kane could be in action for England next week when they will host Ireland at Wembley.