Tottenham have made a solid start to the season and are currently sitting second in the league table after eight games.


A 6-1 win over Manchester United at Old Trafford has been the highlight of their season thus far and they have also shown a tendency to win games even without playing well, which has given their fans further encouragement.



However, Nicol is not convinced about Tottenham as he believes compared to title winners in recent years, Spurs do not dominate teams in the Premier League.


Even so, the former Liverpool star admits that given the injury woes Jurgen Klopp’s side are dealing with at the moment and the chaotic nature of the campaign, Spurs could prevail and win the Premier League without being the best team in the league.



Nicol said on ESPN FC: “Well I can see what has gone on at Liverpool with no backline; clearly if that continues they will drop points.


“I can see the optimism [around Spurs], I can understand it, but the truth is they don’t dominate teams. I don’t remember them playing a game and dominating from the start to finish.



“And the teams who have won the Premier League recently, other than Leicester, which has been the huge part of why they have won it, because they have dominated a lot and then when it mattered the most they came up with the goals when they needed it.


“They are in the mix and if this crazy Premier League season keeps producing what it has been then there is every chance Spurs could win it.


“But then if this crazy Premier League season keeps producing what it has been then anybody could win it, to be honest.


“Yes, they could, but only because of the turmoil and not because they will be so much better than anybody else.”


Tottenham have a big game this Saturday when they will host Manchester City at home in another test of their title credentials.