After a difficult first year at Manchester United, Van de Beek was expected to get more opportunities to prove himself after going through an adaptation process in England.


But it has been close to a month since Van de Beek got the last of his three appearances in the current campaign and he has looked lost in a muddle at Manchester United.



Solskjaer is said to have provided assurances to the midfielder in the summer in order to dissuade him from leaving and the Manchester United manager understands the difficult situation the Dutchman is in at the moment.


He conceded that he understands Van de Beek’s frustration, but stressed that he is still working hard in training with a smile and is hopeful that he takes his chances when he gets them this season.



The Manchester United manager told Dutch broadcaster RTL7: “When you see our team, you know we have good players.


“I hope for Donny that he gets his chances and then takes them.


“Now I didn’t need him, but I know I can always count on him.



“He is still trying hard but it’s tough for him. I understand that.


“He is disappointed and frustrated, but he works hard every day and does it with a big smile.”


Van de Beek is expected to demand a loan move away from Old Trafford in January if he does not get many more opportunities in the coming weeks.