The ex-defender played with distinction in Italy for several clubs such as Juventus, Napoli, Roma and finally, Inter.


Marangon even played for Italy and was considered an accomplished defender during his heydays in Serie A.



However, he was in his early 30s when he retired from football and his decision to give up on his playing career did came as a surprise to some.


Marangon revealed that he had an offer to leave Italy and join Tottenham in 1987, but he had two years left on his contract with Inter.



He wanted Inter to relieve him of his contract but negotiations did not allow him to leave the club and the former defender acted on his threat of giving up on football after an agreement was not found.


Marangon told Italian daily Corriere del Veneto: “I was at Inter, I came back from a serious knee injury and I wanted a change of scenery.



“I had the opportunity to go to Tottenham, but I was still tied to Inter for two years, with a high wage. I asked the club to free me, to lower the demands.


“After a month of negotiations, I said that if they didn’t release me, I would stop playing.


“They didn’t believe me.


“I packed my bags and went to New York. Disappeared into thin air.”


Chris Hughton occupied the left-back spot at Tottenham during those years but it seems Spurs wanted to bring in some foreign competition for him.