Tottenham’s 3-0 defeat at home to Manchester United meant that they have lost half their opening ten Premier League games for the first time in 13 years.


Spurs’ season has been going off the rails for a few weeks and there are now real question marks over how long Nuno will last at Tottenham.



Tottenham were audibly booed off the pitch by the home crowd on Saturday and Hoddle understands their frustration as Spurs produced nothing to cheer about during the game.


The former Spurs boss stressed that it is clear that they do not have a pattern of play for weeks and they have not played well since their opening day win over Manchester City.



He insisted that there is none of the solidity and clear ideas that Wolves had when Nuno was their manager and Tottenham have been nothing but shocking in their performances for weeks.


Hoddle said on Premier League TV post match: “The boos were there because there wasn’t anything to cheer. There wasn’t anything really positive for Tottenham.



“I don’t see a pattern of play and that’s what concerns me. I have said it week after week.


“Manchester City at home was the only game they have played well this season, where I can say they had really put a stint in and that was the opening game.


“At the end of the day, there is a lot of work to be done.


“Nuno has to look at himself first and foremost.


“I saw a Wolves side well drilled, playing a back three, wing-backs with good footballers in midfield and some really good movement at the top of the pitch two years ago.


“I have not seen that once here with Tottenham. They don’t know what they are doing hunting the ball.


“I would love to sit here as a Spurs man and heaps praise at my club but today and other games I have seen, have been shocking.


“It shocked me to the core.


“They have no idea with the ball, it’s all off the cuff and it’s all, let just go out and play football.”


Tottenham are under pressure in their Europa Conference League group as well ahead of hosting Vitesse on Thursday night.