Pochettino is believed to be interested in leaving PSG and moving to Manchester United in the middle of the season.


PSG though may not be prepared to let Pochettino leave half way through the campaign and it remains to be seen if an agreement can be reached with the French club.



Manchester United are believed to be keen on the Argentine, but there are also suggestions that they could stick to their original plan to bring in an interim until the end of the season.


Jordan stressed that Manchester United are financially the biggest club in the world and is keen to see them act like an elite football club in their decision making.



He admitted that they can bring in a quality interim manager, but stressed that if they have identified Pochettino as their long-term target then they should get him now.


The former Crystal Palace owner said on talkSPORT: “The bottom line is if United have settled upon Pochettino and if that is the route they have decided then get on with it.



“You are the biggest club economically, act like it.


“What you need to do is to be big boys and operate like an elite football club operate, which is either make a decision and get a very high profile interim manager who is going to fix the problems in the next seven months and hold it in place for the guy you really want or go and get the guy you really want.


“If that’s what you really want then you have made that decision. The hardest thing in football is to make a decision.


“And if Pochettino is the man you want, get him.”


Manchester United are claimed to have communicated to Pochettino that they are prepared to pay a compensation fee to PSG.