Manchester United have confirmed the appointment of Rangnick as their interim manager until the end of the season.


The German will take up a consultancy role at the club following the end of his contract and will also play a role in the appointment of the next full-time manager at Old Trafford.



While many are excited about the long-term impact Rangnick could leave on the club’s football set-up, Souness is not sold on the German yet and stressed that there is nothing exciting about his managerial record.


He pointed out that the German is known for sorting out football structures but insisted that Manchester United need an instant impact and the 63-year-old has also no experience of English football.



The former Premier League manager is also not sure about the talk of him becoming a consultant at Old Trafford


Souness said on talkSPORT: “I don’t get it.



“I am not sure Rangnick’s CV is not one you’d go ‘wow’ at, it doesn’t jump out at you. He has not been super successful and I think he has won one trophy


“His talent it would appear is to go into a football club and create a structure for it to develop and improve over a five to ten-year period.


“That’s not what Manchester United need right now. Man United need it instantly, they need someone to make an impact now.


“They have got a healthy group of players and there is no doubt about it that the previous manager didn’t get the best out of the players because they have more to give.


“Right now Manchester United have an underperforming squad of players, will this new guy, who has never been in English Premier League, be able to do that?


“I don’t think so, I don’t get this appointment at any level.


“If you are thinking about five to ten years’ time the structures been put in place but six months?


“And then he is going to take a bit of a consultancy role? Nice pension for him. He is 63, lovely job if you can get that sort of work.


“I just don’t get this appointment.”


Manchester United are pushing to have Rangnick in the dugout to face Arsenal at Old Trafford on Thursday night.