All the positivity from the Manchester City win at the weekend disappeared on Wednesday night when Tottenham slumped to their fourth defeat in five Premier League games.


Conte indicated after the game that he could walk away from the north London club and claimed that maybe he is not good enough to improve Tottenham’s position this season.



The Italian’s situation at Tottenham is volatile but Jordan has no sympathies for Conte after the way he combusted after the Burnley defeat.


He stressed that it was childish and temperamental of the Spurs boss to say the kind of things he said at the Turf Moor press conference.



Jordan conceded that all it is going to spin towards the narrative of Daniel Levy being a bad chairman for Spurs, but he insisted that Conte was unprofessional for the way he behaved after a defeat.


He said on talkSPORT: “I thought it was an appallingly childish interview.



“I thought it was temperamental, reactionary and if they had beaten Burnley he would not have heard this.


“We heard a very different narrative from him earlier in the week about how much he loved coming to Tottenham, he comes in with a smile and enjoys working with the players.


“He gets beaten by Burnley and he comes out with this.


“You show me a good loser, I will show you a loser. No one wants to see managers being calm and collected about losing games but the temperamental nature of it.


“I am not defending Daniel but we all know where this is going that Daniel Levy is a dreadful owner and won’t spend any money.


“It was a scandalously poor interview. I think it was an outrageously unprofessional interview by Conte.”


Levy is expected to hold talks with Conte to lift the current crisis around Tottenham and seek to end the speculation around the Italian.