Kane is the number one target for Manchester United in the summer as they look to add an elite striker to their squad ahead of next season.


Manchester United will reportedly look to sign the Tottenham star regardless of who becomes their new manager at the end of the ongoing campaign.



Robson though feels that would be a mistake if Manchester United go ahead and sign the forward without actually knowing whether the new manager would want the 29-year-old in his squad.


He feels most managers would want Kane, but stressed Manchester United simply cannot sign him before they know whether he fits the new manager’s system, especially with Cristiano Ronaldo still in the team.



Robson told ESPN FC: “Manchester United can’t buy Harry Kane before the new manager gives his blessing.


“Most managers would want him [Kane], but if a new manager comes in [to Manchester United] and wants to play with a front three, two wide players and a centre forward, then you’ve got a problem with Ronaldo.



“Are you going to play him on the left-wing or the right-wing? Juventus tried to do that on many occasions and he never stayed there, he went everywhere but there.


“Until you’ve got a new manager and you know what system they are going to play, you can’t go and buy Harry Kane.”


It would take more than £100m to snare Kane away from Tottenham in the next summer transfer window.