Dier came up through the academy at Sporting Lisbon in Portugal and has knowledge of Spanish.


The England international has faced his share of criticism at the club, but he is one of Spurs’ longest-serving players, since the summer of 2014, and has also been praised in equal quantity this term.



Romero admitted that Dier played a big part in getting him assimilated into the club and the fact that he speaks Spanish is an added bonus because it also helps the two connect better on the pitch.


The Argentinean feels that with the form he is showing, Dier must be close to his objective of getting back into the England squad.



Speaking to The Athletic, Romero said: “He was instrumental when I joined.


“We’ve always got on well on and off the field.



“The fact he speaks Spanish really helps with our on-pitch understanding as well.


“He was instrumental also in bringing me into the group.


“From the day I arrived, he was really good at introducing me to everyone and making me feel at home as well so I was grateful for that.


“But first and foremost, what a great season he’s having — he brings a lot to the team, loads as a player.


“I’m guessing it is his objective to get back into the international set-up.


“We all feel he’s doing well and it can’t be long with the form that he’s showing before he’s back in the England squad.”


Romero and Dier have formed a partnership in the backline for Spurs this season, with both being regular names in the starting line-up as long as they are fit.