Ferdinand’s former side surrendered meekly in a 4-0 defeat to Liverpool at Anfield on Tuesday night and their season went from bad to worse.


Manchester United have conceded nine goals over the two league games against Liverpool, which is their worst record against a side over a league season since the late 19th century.



The former Manchester United defender conceded that his former side have gone beyond bantering and stressed that the club need a radical shift in attitude and plans to get out of their current malaise.


He insisted that just a change in manager will not be enough as he sees no passion from the current crop of players and their lack of fight on display at Anfield was particularly galling.



Ferdinand said on his YouTube channel Five: “My WhatsApp groups are not even popping off right now, people have lost the will to even banter Man United.


“That’s when you know there is an absolutely massive issue and it needs sorting ASAP.



“We have changed managers, we have brought new managers in and it hasn’t worked and it is still in disarray.


“Something’s got to change, something new has got to happen, players just come in and keep walking around like anything.


“I don’t care, I don’t even see the passion in the interviews really bar probably David de Gea who comes out as brutally honest.


“Forget quality, you can sit here and ask are they good enough as players? They are not showing that they are good enough.


“But one thing you can’t accept is the lack of fight.”


Ferdinand was part of the Manchester United side that last won the Premier League title in the 2012/13 season.