Conte’s future at Tottenham has continued to remain under the scanner, partly because of his refusal to commit to staying at Spurs unequivocally.


There are suggestions that the Italian is being considered by PSG as a potential replacement for Mauricio Pochettino and Conte’s camp have already presented a plan to the Parisians.



The 52-year-old rubbished the PSG links as fake news and lies and lashed out at the media for inventing the rumours out of nothing.


The Spurs boss is not happy with the rumours as it creates an awkward situation for him with his players at Tottenham and lambasted the lack of respect being shown by some to him and everyone involved.



Asked about the PSG links, Conte said in a press conference: “It’s good that other clubs appreciate my work, but this is one thing.


“The truth is I don’t like when people try to invent news, only to speak, only to create problems.



“This is not right, this is not fair for the clubs involved or for my players.


“This type of situation makes me smile but I think also the people that want to say something about this have to show respect for all of the people involved in the situation and not invent fake news and tell a lot of lies.”


However, Conte’s situation is likely to depend on Spurs chairman Daniel Levy’s commitment to potentially overhauling the squad over the summer.