Tottenham’s last trophy was in 2008 when they won the EFL Cup by beating Chelsea 2-1.


The trophy drought has continued since then and it is most likely that there will be no change in the scenario this time around with the Lilywhites already being knocked out of the EFL Cup, the FA Cup and the Champions League.



Vega, who won the EFL Cup with the London-based club in 1999, hopes that Tottenham will get back that cup winner’s spirit soon.


For now, though, he stresses the need to have some communication between the club and the fans with a clear message on what to expect.



“It’s always nice to remember the good old days of winning a medal for Tottenham”, Vega tweeted.


“I hope they get back to that spirit of a football club that was famous to be a Cup team winner.



“Is change needed? Of course but what change and how? Is the question here? Or we are happy to be the mid-table club that is happy to play for the 4 places every season.


“But whatever way some communication from the Club is crucial for Fans to know where they stand.


“For fans to guess it’s not fair and brings only a bad atmosphere it’s fair to say they have the right to know as they pay or support their fair share with season tickets and tickets every weekend.”


Tottenham are currently placed fourth on the Premier League table with 49 points, trailing leaders Arsenal by 20 points. They have ten games remaining to play between now and the end of the season.