The London-based side have made a good start to the season under their new manager and five wins in their first seven matches of the season means that they have had their best start in 57 years.


That has already given rise to comparisons between the 58-year-old and his predecessors Mourinho and Conte.




Some feel that Postecoglou is a better manager than Conte and Mourinho, who struggled to produce Spurs sides which played attractive and winning football.


Lennon stressed that Mourinho and Conte are born winners and have their own unique style, just like the former Celtic boss has his, and as Postecoglou keeps going the club fans are going to enjoy the ride, he believes.



“I can’t get people saying that ‘oh, he is a better manager than Conte, he is a better manager than Mourinho'”, Lennon said on PLZ Soccer.


“That is simply not true. They have different styles, Mourinho is a born winner and so is Conte.



“He will just go his own way, Ange, and people will enjoy the ride.


“But whether they can maintain that, I don’t know.”


Postecoglou’s team beat nine-men Liverpool 2-1 in their last match and are preparing to take on Luton Town this weekend.