Lange, who started work earlier in the week, is preparing to coordinate with Mackenzie, who will be the club’s new chief scout.


Postecoglou believes that the most important thing for Lange right now is to make sure that he sets up the proper structures and gets things working in the right direction with the help of Mackenzie.




With the January transfer window fast approaching, Postecoglou believes that Spurs need to be ready so that they can get their business done early and cancel out the fear of missing out on targets by waiting for the whole month.


Asked about Lange and Mackenze, the manager said at a press conference: “The bit with me [and Lange] is the easy bit.



“It’s about setting up the procedures and the structures to make sure he gets the department working the way he wants to get the right outcomes.


“As you said, Rob joining will help that. It is important they come in now.



“The January window, like for every club, is an important one.


“My view on the January one is that if you can get your business done early in the window it certainly is more helpful because you leave it until the end of January and sometimes what you train to gain you’ve missed that opportunity by waiting a whole month.


“That’s sometimes out of your control so having him [Mackenzie] in is good.


“I’m sure we’ll have a lot of discussions between now and then and I’m looking forward to working with him.”


Mackenzie has previously worked with Tottenham between 2015 and 2016 as a scout and has also worked with Lange at Aston Villa.