Ahead of his return to the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, Pochettino, while responding to a question asked at a press conference, revealed that he still has “emotional links” with Tottenham and will not rule out a return.


Keys though believes that it is not the right thing to say as a manager of a different team.




According to the 66-year-old, Chelsea fans would have wanted to hear that Pochettino was fully committed to the club and wants to get it right, which he has not been able to do so far.


“Message to Poch – when you manage Chelsea if asked ‘would you go back to Spurs?’” Keys wrote on his blog.



“The answer isn’t ‘why not?’ The answer is ‘I’m the manager of Chelsea. I’m committed to this club now and want to get it right here’, something which he clearly hasn’t done so far.


“Chelsea fans don’t want to know that you’re still a Tottenham fan at heart.”



Pochettino did manage to get one over his former club at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, beating a nine-man Tottenham team 4-1 in the end.