Eric Dier has insisted that he did not speak to Ange Postecoglou about why he was not getting opportunities in the first half of the season at Tottenham Hotspur.


The England defender just featured four times in the Premier League before Tottenham loaned him out to Bayern Munich in the winter transfer window.


The German champions have already announced that Dier will be completing a permanent move to the Bavarians on a free transfer in the summer.



Dier was on the fringes of the Spurs squad after Ange Postecoglou arrived at the club at the end of last season and got very few opportunities to play.


The defender claimed that he never knocked on the manager’s door to demand explanations behind his non-selections.



He believes it is better to speak to managers to learn how to improve and what they want from him and conceded that demanding the reasons behind him not playing would have been a pointless conversation.


Dier told The Athletic: “I never spoke to him once. I’m not someone that would ever go and knock on the manager’s door.



“If you’re going to speak to them about how can I improve — ‘What do you want me to improve on?’ — it makes complete sense to go and speak to them.


“But I’ve never gone to speak to a manager and said, ‘Why am I not playing?’. For me, it’s just a pointless conversation.


“You try and understand as best as possible what the manager wants from players in your position.


“And then you try and execute as best as you can in training. And then, hopefully, get picked to play.”


Dier has been a regular at Bayern Munich since he joined the club and has started eight Bundesliga fixtures.