Bayern Munich star Eric Dier has admitted that he loved working under Tottenham Hotspur boss Ange Postecoglou despite not getting regular game time.


Dier hardly got a kick of the ball in the first half of the season under Postecoglou before he moved to Bayern Munich on an initial loan deal in the winter transfer window.


The Englishman has been getting game time with the Bavarians since he moved to Germany and has no hard feelings towards the Spurs manager.



He insisted that he did not take it as a personal affront when Postecoglou did not play him and admitted that he could not do much if the Australian did not like him.


Dier insisted that he enjoyed working under Postecoglou and would love to have an opportunity to sit down with him and enquire about some of his methods sometime in the future.



The former Spurs defender told The Athletic: “I didn’t take it personally, him not playing me.


“If he doesn’t like me, it’s not a problem for me. Lots of people won’t like me, lots of people like me, it’s irrelevant.



“I try to look at it through my own point of view: do I like the manager, for who he is as a person, and the way he is as a coach? It doesn’t matter to me if I’m playing or not.


“And I really, really enjoyed working under him, and I learned a hell of a lot.


“I’d love to sit down and talk to him now.


“I have so many questions — about the way he does certain things and why he does them.


“Hopefully, one day, I’ll be able to.”


Dier has improved his chances of being in the England squad for the European Championship since moving to the German champions in January.