Several Manchester United players believe that Erik ten Hag will be sacked despite the club insisting that a decision will only be made at the end of the season, according to The Daily Telegraph.


Manchester United slumped to their 13th league defeat of the season at Crystal Palace on Monday night and they are sitting eighth in the Premier League standings.


With European football and an FA Cup at stake, Michael Owen has called for the club to wield the axe now and bring in an interim boss to salvage something from the season.



However, Manchester United are insistent that they will not take a call on the manager until after the FA Cup.


The club do not want to make a final decision before the end of the season but the mood amongst the players is different.



Several of the Manchester United players believe that Ten Hag’s fate is sealed at Old Trafford.


They are expecting the club to get rid of him at the end of the season given how bad the campaign has been.



Manchester United technical director Jason Wilcox has been asked to assess Ten Hag until the end of the season.


It remains to be seen if those players who feel Ten Hag will go are proven right.