Tottenham Hotspur boss Ange Postecoglou has revealed that the planning for the summer transfer window has been in hand for quite some time now and Spurs know what they need to do.


The lack of depth of Postecoglou’s squad has been exposed often this season and the Lilywhites have suffered as a result.


They have been particularly short of options in defence and despite the signing of Radu Dragusin, the problem persists.



Postecoglou though is clear that the panic button will not be pressed when the summer transfer window opens because, in an attempt to find short-term solutions, he might end up with the wrong conclusions.


Asked whether tough decisions will need to be taken, Postecoglou said at a press conference: “No, no.



“Again, I think I’ve tried to be as consistent as I possibly can in saying we’ve still got a long way to go and that hasn’t changed until now.


“I think sometimes, both in a positive and negative sense, if you go short-term stuff you’re liable to jump to the wrong conclusions.”



Postecoglou also took time to reveal that the planning for the summer has been ongoing for quite a while.


“The planning for the summer has been in hand for quite a while.


“We know what we need to do. Nothing in that space has changed.


“So for me, how players and staff deal with adversity is more important for our growth than a reflection of us wanting to make more changes.”


Tottenham are now scheduled to play three games in nine days to end the season and their squad depth will yet again be tested.