Tuesday, 5th February, 2013

Arsenal defender Bacary Sagna wants to win back the right-back spot for France from Mathieu Debuchy, but he will not do everything and anything to make that happen.

Indeed Sagna, who saw Debuchy take his spot in the side when he was out through injury, feels the most important thing is Les Bleus and not a battle for each individual position.

Moreover, Sagna rates Debuchy highly and is impressed with how he has performed at international level. And now the 27-year-old is, like Sagna, in the English Premier League too, having joined Newcastle from Lille in last month’s transfer window.

"Mathieu is someone that I know from the France youth teams", explained Sagna at a press conference.

"I’ve seen him develop in a France shirt and he totally deserves to play at the moment", he continued.


"He did what he had to do. I am happy for him. It is an honour to wear the France shirt."

And for Sagna, the good of the team as a whole is more important than just him winning back the right-back slot.

"What counts is the group. Making war, it’s something we do to others, not to ourselves."

The battle between Sagna and Debuchy will surely be fierce though, with the 2014 World Cup in Brazil looming on the horizon.

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