Bielsa has remained a cult figure at Newell’s even after leaving club close to three decades ago and their stadium is named after their former coach.


His success in leading Leeds back to the Premier League this season has been celebrated in Argentina and at Newell’s as well.



Bielsa’s time at Leeds has been closely followed by the supporters of Newell’s and D’Amico admits that there is a sense of pride amongst the club about the way their former coach has had success in west Yorkshire.


He insisted that Bielsa’s success at Leeds and the constant references to his time at Newell’s have given the club’s supporters a great sense of joy and highlights what their former coach still means for the club.



“It’s been a pride to witness Marcelo’s achievement and all that he has generated in Leeds”, the Newell’s vice president told The Athletic.


“It fills our hearts with joy to see an idol of our house prevail, and more so when his journey through someone else’s country generates constant links with Newell’s life and history.



“This, without him being directly related to us in a professional sense for almost 30 years, only highlights what it means for our institution.”


Bielsa attained great success at Newell’s and won the Argentine top flight title with the club.