The Glasgow giants have had a good record in Europe since appointing former Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard as their manager ahead of the 2018/19 season.


Gerrard took Rangers to the Europa League group stage in his debut season before leading them to the final 16 of the competition last term.



Impressed with his former employers’ performances in the Europa League, ex-Gers star Halliday has insisted that he has never seen a Rangers side play as well in Europe as the current team.


The Scot also feels Gerrard’s side are doing better in Europe, especially in terms of dominating possession, than Rangers did under Walter Smith, who feels is the best manager the club have ever had.



I said I’ve never seen a Rangers team play as well in Europe in terms of dominating the ball than this team“, Halliday said on Open Goal.


You look at Walter Smith… Walter Smith is the best Rangers manager ever as far as I’m concerned but the way they used to play in Europe, it would be 11 men behind the ball, try and keep a clean sheet, 1-0 or whatever.



Rangers have gone to any team… and listen they have not played in the Champions League, which is what people said to me, which I get, but you can only base it on the teams they are playing now.


They are still playing good teams away and they have dominated in every game, doesn’t matter who they are playing.


Got pumped by Progres [Niederkorn] in the first round two years ago.


Rangers’ most recent match in Europe saw them leading Benfica 3-1 at the Estadio da Luz in the Europa League, only to finish with a 3-3 draw.