Rangers’ 8-0 win over Hamilton at home before the international break protected their nine-point lead at the top of the league table despite Celtic’s away win at Motherwell.


While Rangers have played two games more than the Scottish champions, they are increasingly being seen as serious title contenders and the pressure is on the Bhoys not to lose touch.



Rough feels Rangers have done this season what Celtic have been doing over the last few years in the shape of having players on the bench who can make a difference.


He believes in recent seasons Celtic have always found a way to make a difference from the bench, which Rangers have matched this season.



The former Scotland goalkeeper pointed out that Steven Gerrard has managed to bring in quality players who are prepared to wait for their turn and make a difference when called upon to do a job.


Rough said on PLZ Soccer: “They are doing exactly what Celtic have been doing for the last couple of years.



“Celtic’s strength was what was sitting on the bench.


“When things were not going particularly well, a guy would come on and would have something to prove; nine times out of ten he would do particularly well and that’s what the whole bench were doing.


“Steven Gerrard has now done that.


“He has brought in players who are quite happy to sit on the bench knowing given the chance they are in a good team and they want to impress as well.


“That is what Rangers didn’t have that Celtic did have in the last couple of years.


“Now the two of them have good players on the bench and it remains to be seen which of the two step up to the mark.”


Following the international break, Celtic pay a visit to Hibernian, while Rangers are due to play host to Aberdeen.