Nicknamed El Loco, which translates to ‘madman’ in English, Leeds head coach Bielsa is widely considered to be a perfectionist in the football world.


Known for his high-intense brand of football and techniques like the murderball, the Argentine tactician has also become popular for his detailed analysis of his team’s performances and opposing sides.



Leeds star Bamford has provided an insight into the meetings Bielsa holds with the team when they return to training following a game, where he dissects what went right and wrong in the match.


Lifting the lid on Bielsa’s meetings, Bamford revealed that they tend to last anywhere from 20 minutes to one hour depending on their performance in the previous game and admitted that the players had to get used to it.



I think it is something we had to get used to“, Bamford said on The Ornstein And Chapman Podcast.


They are not always an hour-long, they can vary anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour.



I think the fact that we lost the game [against Chelsea]; normally after we have lost, the breakdown is more intense, especially when there are things that we could have done to prevent it, which I think was the main emphasis of that meeting.


Bamford conceded that the Leeds players struggled to get used to Bielsa’s meetings when he initially came in but explained that they have now bought into it and are fully focused when they take place.


General human beings, after about 20 minutes, you tend to naturally drift off a little bit“, Bamford added.


I think when he first came getting used to the long meetings was quite hard, but now kind of because we’re all used to it, it is full concentration and we nit-pick everything really.


Bielsa’s attention to detail appears to be paying off for Leeds as they managed to earn promotion to the Premier League, having finished 13th in the Championship prior to his arrival in 2018.