Aston Villa have appointed Gerrard as their new manager on a three-and-a-half year deal and he is taking assistant Gary McAllister and first team coach Michael Beale with him.


Rangers are now focused on bringing in a new manager to replace Gerrard, but it is unclear how many of the backroom team will be at the club when the new boss arrives.



Ferguson is worried about the major impact Gerrard’s departure will have behind the scenes as the Liverpudlian is likely to want to take the whole backroom staff with him to Villa Park.


He conceded that it should be a major concern for the club as the current team are more or less set in their ways and a new manager will find it hard extremely hard to make any meaningful changes.



The Rangers legend said on the Go Radio Football Show: “The other worry for me is that he will take the whole coaching staff.


“You are talking about four or five coaches, doctors, physiotherapists, sports scientists – you are talking in-between 12 to 15 people that Steven Gerrard wants to take with him.



“That is something that would be worrying Rangers because, for me, Rangers are set in their way – they are a 4-3-3 team.


“The players who are at the club are used to playing a certain formation.


“I don’t know if another manager comes in and could change it because of the personnel.”


It remains to be seen which of the backroom team are still at Rangers when the dust settles in the coming days.