Leeds were expected to have some joy against a low in confidence Everton side, who had won two of their 15 Premier League games ahead of their clash today at Goodison Park.


But the home side swatted away Leeds in a commanding fashion with a 3-0 win and gave their season new life under new manager Frank Lampard.



Leeds were poor and the fears of relegation have again started to haunt their fans after a poor result away from home.


Couzens tried to calm the nerves of the Leeds fans and insisted that the supporters must acknowledge that the side have struggled with injuries to key players this season and that has hampered them.



However, the former White is certain that Leeds will survive in the Premier League and the narrative will change if their bounce back in their next game.


He took to Twitter and wrote: “Wow Twitter meltdown again!!



“We have had injuries all season and to key players and people soon forget where we were only a few years ago.


“This team and club will be fine this year even with all our injuries.


“Bounce back on Sunday and everyone will be how good we are again.”


Leeds have a tough run of fixtures ahead of them where they face Manchester United, Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur in their next three league commitments.