Bielsa was an acclaimed coach even before he landed in Leeds, but with his feats with the then Championship team, the Argentinean has earned plenty of plaudits for the way his side play.


The Whites boss is known for the speed and creativity with which he has his teams play and while that has led to some lopsided results, it has also seen Leeds become one of the most followed teams in England, even by non-supporters.



Strachan is full of adulation for the Whites boss, revealing that sometimes watching the Argentinean’s teams play feels like 3D.


The former manager, of among others Celtic and Scotland, admitted that he could never be courageous enough to set up his sides like Bielsa and expressed wonder at so many people supporting Leeds as their second team.



Speaking to Leeds’ official website, Strachan said: “Marcelo Bielsa is mind-blowing.


“I sit and watch the television and it feels like it’s 3D, the ball comes out and hits you with the pace they play at.



“I could never be brave enough to play like that as a manager so I sit there in admiration.


“I do fear it, sometimes, because it could be any score… but I love it!


“To take Leeds United to being everyone’s second favourite team is unheard of, but it’s happening.”


The Whites are now strongly identified with Bielsa, but his contract runs out in the summer and the boss has indicated that right now he is only thinking of footballing matters.