Leeds suffered another embarrassing defeat away from home on Wednesday night when they lost 6-0 at Anfield to Liverpool in the Premier League.


The scoreline added more ignominy to Leeds’ season, where they lost 7-0 at Manchester City, and 5-1 at Old Trafford to Manchester United on the opening day of the league campaign.



Newsome conceded that at the start of the season Leeds would have considered any point from away trips to the big sides a bonus but admitted that hammerings are not going to help.


He stressed that heavy defeats knock the confidence out of the players and they will start believing less in what they are being asked to do because of the nature of the results.



The former Whites star said on BBC Radio Leeds post match: “Before the start of the season you pick out your games, and you think right we need to win those games as these clubs will be in and around us and we need to pick points off them.


“The top four or five, if we get anything it’s a real bonus and I get all that, but you will also have to go to those top four or five and not get stuffed six or seven or eight-nil.



“It has got to be damage limitation because it doesn’t do the plays any good.


“It is a real knock on your confidence and your belief in what you are doing because it undermines it.”


Leeds will look to get some confidence going when they host Antonio Conte’s Tottenham Hotspur at Elland Road on Saturday.